Web Designing Services entered inside Afghanistan boundaries just right after the fall of Taliban government in 2001. Private companies established licensing by AISA (Afghanistan Investment Support Agency).

However the quality of service was not as good as of now because on that time we did not have professional web developers and graphic designers. As the flow of returning immigrants started back to Afghanistan, the young generations who had spent time outside the country studying schools, colleges and different professional short courses beside arrived back to Afghanistan.

Many of these newly graduated returning immigrants joint different organizations and many opened their own enterprises in different classes of business.

 Currently there more than 100 web designing and web development companies operating in Afghanistan a few of which that comes under the most popular of them are listed below:

  • Aria Technologies
  • Net Links Afghanistan
  • Barg Sabz Web Designing
  • Lemar Solutions
  • Bitsoft
  • Blue Technologies

But, unfortunately web hosting services did not grow in the country due to internet problem and lack of electricity around the country. Web Hosting services companies requires high speed fiber -optic internet and regular electricity currents to start operations.

For the time all hosting services are provided by off-shore international organizations mainly based in United States, United Kingdom and European countries.