ptimizing for a search engine’s algorithm is a fine balance between reactionary strategies and proactive expectations. To prepare for the algorithm changes expected in 2013, Zeus Design, a Rhode Island-based SEO web design company, has focused on the proactive half of that balance by completely redesigning their company’s website.

(PRWEB) January 24, 2013

With over twenty years of operational experience, Zeus Design, a Rhode Island web design firm, understands that today’s competitive search engine optimization market leaves little room for errors or inconsistencies. After all, failing to comply with a new search engine algorithm change can drastically reduce a website’s search rankings, sometimes with near-permanent negative effects. To prevent this from happening, companies must be willing to revolutionize their online presence, both on the front- and backend.

However, rather than react to search engines, Zeus Design took the proactive route by redesigning their website to anticipate the search engine algorithm changes expected in 2013. The company examined current and past search engine trends to look for evidence of where and when companies like Google or Bing decided to change the way their algorithms worked. After much research and internal debates, Zeus Design overhauled every part of their website, from the code to the content, and one team member had the following to say on the topic:

“Google is the king of online advertising, and complying with their guidelines is crucial for succeeding in the search engines. The problem is, reacting to their algorithm changes, like last year’s huge Penguin and Panda updates, can cost a lot of time and money, which can put a lot of pressure on an already taxed company. We believe that by taking the proactive route we’re attempting to head off the SEO problems that are bound to occur during the upcoming year. Google is going to change their algorithm, there’s no denying that, but we don’t want to sit around and wait for it to happen. We examined our data, saw a trend occurring, and then took to putting in place a plan to ride that trend before Google even makes it an actuality.”

Starting New for the New Year

Google’s algorithm changes are only one part of the volatile nature of the SEO web design industry. According to the aforementioned Zeus Design team member, much of the company’s redesign choices also came from current and upcoming design or development trends. “We converted our website to a WordPress platform, which gives more dynamic capabilities and user-friendliness,” said the aforementioned Zeus Design team member. “We also made our content in general less spammy, and more organic and natural, targeting users as much as the search engines. It’s a fine balance, after all.” He explained that Google’s official guidelines are only some of the rules that a search engine optimizer must follow. In fact, there are numerous unofficial rules floating around the SEO industry, all of them important for the success of a website. Which rules Zeus Design chose to follow with their redesign, they will not say: “Just know we made our code compliant and our content sharp.”

In a World without Rules

As any search engine optimizer can attest to, search engine optimization is the Wild West of the online world. Outside of Google’s brief descriptions about each algorithm update, much of the job is left to guessing, waiting for data, and then creating a theory based on that data. There are no rules for what’s right or wrong, and often when someone finds a rule, Google soon changes it with a new update. Quite simply, the life of search engine optimization is one of reactionary adjustments, but Zeus Design believes their recent redesign will be the start of their proactive pursuit for more effective, faster search engine optimization results.

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