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  • Responsive

    As technology has improved and several new devices with different display setting and screen size are now in the marketing being used by your clients and potential customers. Your website needs to be user-friendly with their devices and fit the screen they use. The only solution for this is to build your website responsive to

  • Social Integration

    Social Media have almost covered the market and is spreading in developing countries like Afghanistan. Therefore, we integrate your website with Facebook, Google, Youtube, Flicker and Linkedin Accounts. This will help your visitors to easily access your social media contents or to share your contents in Social Media.

  • Browsing Compatibility

    We carefully work to optimize the browsing compatibility for your website which will help it to be browsed the way it should be through all common browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Forefox, Opera and more . . . This is one of the important features a website must have; all service we provide will

  • Performance Optimization

    We optimize your website for better speed and loading. We integrate websites with correct Content Delivery Network (CDN), Caching Engine and properly tune your database. This is an important feature for websites, especially in a country like Afghanistan that 90% of internet connections are Wireless with low speed.

  • Security & Backup

    This is an additional feature that will be setup upon the client’s request with an additional annual Fees. This is an important feature recommended for larger websites. The Security (Anti-Virus) scans the website on real time basis and blocks any suspicious IPs/users. This includes a back engine that backs up data on daily basis.

  • SEO Optimization

    We help you be in the first page of popular Search Engines, i.e: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…. The Content Management System (CMS) we provide to you is also very user-friendly with search engines and what is published through this interface is well received by different Search Engines as a result of which you will be

  • We offer umberlla website services

    You do not need to go elsewhere for website services. We provide an umbrella package that covers everything, from web hosting, domain registration to website performance optimization and database tuning.